What is Thin-Walled Injection Molding_

What ıs Thin-Walled Injection Molding?

Thin-walled injection molding technology is a recently developed cost-effective type of plastic design. Thin-walled injection molding focuses on mass-produced, light and thin plastic parts. This type of injection molding, which is a special manufacturing method, is used in products that require high precision, such as packaging, automotive industry, medical products, electronics, optics, mobile communication and data processing, storage containers and flower pots. Using this molding technology not only saves material due to its reduced thickness but also shortens the cooling time, which allows for optimizing the cycle time.

How Are Thın-Walled Injectıon Moldıng Works Made?

Thin-walled injection molding technology takes full advantage of material properties, both from a technical point of view in production-related matters and from a processing point of view. Materials, including mechanical and significantly rheological properties, are produced by thin-walled injection molding. Compared to traditional design, it saves materials by allowing the production of lightweight components. Thin-walled injection molding machine offers fast manufacturing, short-term production and low-cost opportunities, thanks to proper part design, analysis and hot runner systems. Delivery times are reduced with the molding method, which provides the opportunity to produce with faster cycle times. With the new version plasticizing system design, it provides low-temperature injection. The loss of hardness, which is a result of the reduced wall thickness in this type of molding, is compensated by using glass-filled materials. What Are the Benefits of Thin-Walled Injection Molding Technology? Smaller, lighter and faster, thin-walled injection technology offers great advantages for parts manufacturing. Miniaturization processes are also easy in the method, in which the most suitable demolding technology is applied. Since the designs of daily plastic products are getting thinner, it offers easy assembly. Benefits of Thin-Walled Injection Molding:
  • Consists of affordable, reliable and clean plastic parts.
  • Reduces fuel usage, which is one of the most important advantages.
  • Thin-walled injection molded parts can be made from recyclable plastics.
  • It is widely used in aviation, electronics and health sectors due to its low pollution.
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