Thin wall mold production requires very precise manufacturing. This requires precision cnc machines and precision Moldmore is experienced in obtaining and using these required equipment. In this way, the plastic containers and covers can be manufactured within the manufacturers’ specs.

Materials used in the production of thin-wall mold are very important. For molds to work fast during injection, to resist high tonnages in injection pressures, it also needs to be stable under high pressures. We import all of our steel from Germany. We also obtain materials requesting thermal conductivity from America. We combine all quality materials with experienced workmanship and precison technological machinery park and offer to our valuable customers.

We produce all precesses fast an quality in our precision machinery park. All parts manufactured are measured and controlled on precision CMM devices. We manufacture molds with suitable features for customers’ injection machinery park.

We make maintenance and revision of all plastic molds we manufacture. We produce custom-made special solutions when manufacturing plastic molds. Based on the customer’s request, we can produce extra cavities of different sizes to be used on the we also manufacture easy cavity-changing systems to reduce injection mold commissioning times.